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What is BitstradesCoin?

We all had bank issues at one point. Money got stolen immediately after withdrawal or your bank ran bankrupt and had to lose a substantial amount of money. What more can be beautiful to a wealthy man who is financially confident about his money? This is an evolution from barter trade to paperless money to virtual money.

Bitstrades Coin is a digital currency that habituates the cryptocurrency technology into creating perceptible investments, interests and transactions liberal of any government in the world. An instantaneous transaction keeps the balances current on the virtual currency, what is known as peer-to-peer currency. The beauty in this is that one earns just from holding BitsTrades Coin or other means such as lending, working for them or gambling for BitsTrades Coins. This technology un-banks an individual into financial freedom.


What We Do?

BitstradesCoin Features

Virtual Banking

Join the fastest growing arena of virtual banking and take your business or any sort of transaction to the next level.

Digital Cash

Instant and secure paymet is the way to go. Use "BSS" to make instant payments in any sort of platform. Be it online store or any other online gateway.

Instant Payment

We know your time is precious. Send Instant Payments and get the confirmation within a blink of your eyes. Virtual banking and stand out from the crowd.

Secure Transaction

Security which you can rely on, our mining servers which have been hosted across the globe, confirms all the transactions.

Low Transaction Fee

Want relief from the high transaction fees? Choose us to get the privilege of a low transaction fee.


No hassle of depending on third-party as We use decentralized blockchain transaction technology. That makes each and every transaction performed directly between the users.

Mining Process

Bitstrades Coin can be mined with CPU/GPU and does not need an ASIC miner like Bitcoin does. It is a more energy efficient crypto currency compared to others, thanks to the use of the POS (proof of stake) system.

BitstradesCoin Advantages


Peer to Peer

The innovativeness of Bitstradescoin comes into action with its operation as it uses peer-to-peer technology. There is no central authority or any bank in between. The network conducts the issuing of bitcoins and process of managing transaction. Bitstradescoin is widely open to everyone. Nobody or any authority exists for it to control. Bitstradescoin provides a unique and exciting use of monetization that has never seen before.

Digital Banking

Through getting the access to the Internet connection, Bitstradescoin users, like the all other payment systems can afford to pay for their coins. This refers to disclose the fact that, consumers don't require to move to any bank or to any other place to pay for the product they bought. On top of that, personal information is not required for a successful transaction as it requires when the transaction is made through U.S. bank account or credit cards.


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What is BitstradesCoin?

Bitstrades Coin is a digital currency that habituates the cryptocurrency technology into creating perceptible investments, interests...

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